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Company profile

Shenzhen Wenye Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wenye Decoration” or “Company”) is a company founded in January 1989.According to the Frost & Sullivan's report, we ranked 28th in the PRC building decoration market and had a market share of approximately 0.03% in terms of revenue in 2018. We possess a range of the highest level of qualifications and licences in the building decoration industry in the PRC, including, among others, (i) Grade I Professional Contractor of Building Renovation and Decoration Engineering (建築裝修裝飾工程專業承包壹級); (ii) Grade I Professional Contractor of Curtain Wall Engineering (建築幕牆工程專業承包壹級); (iii) Grade I Professional Contractor of Building Electrical and Mechanical Installation and Engineering (建築機電安裝工程專業承包壹級);(iv) Grade A Professional Building Decoration Engineering and Design (建築裝飾工程設計專項甲級); (v) Grade A Professional Curtain Wall Engineering and Design (建築幕牆工程設計專項甲級); (vi) Grade I Professional Contractor of Electronic Building Intelligent Engineering (電子與智能化工程專業承包壹級);  (vii) Grade I Professional Contractor of Fire Safety Equipment Engineering (消防設施工程專業承包壹級)and(viii)Grade III General Contracting for Construction Engineering(建築工程施工總承包叁級. During the Track Record Period, we received approximately 100 awards at the national level, such as (i) China Construction Engineering Luban Prize (National Quality Project) (中國建設工程魯班獎(國家優質工程)); (ii) China Construction Engineering Decoration Prize (中國建築工程裝飾獎); (iii) China International Space Design Competition Gold Award (中國國際空間設計大賽金獎); (iv) China International Space Design Competition Silver Award (中國國際空間設計大賽銀獎); and (v) China International Space Design Competition Bronze Award (中國國際空間設計大賽銅獎). 


Wenye Decoration is a comprehensive building decoration enterprise engaging in the design and construction of indoor and outdoor decoration and fitment for large buildings. The Company mainly provides the construction and design services of indoor and outdoor building decoration for office buildings, public facilities, high-end start hotels, traffic hubs, commercial properties, residential properties (for builders), and curtain walls. The Company has now obtained many qualifications including Grade I professional contracting of building decoration and fitment works, Grade I professional contracting of building curtain wall works, Grade I professional contracting of electronic and intelligent works, Grade II professional contracting of steel structure works, Grade II professional contracting of mechanical and electrical equipment installation works, Grade A building decoration engineering design profession, Grade A building curtain wall engineering design, Grade II professional contracting of fire equipment works, and Grade B fire equipment engineering design profession, etc.


Wenye Decoration establishes a subsidiary in Huizhou as its base for production and construction of curtain walls, and also develops its own design institute and team to provide the branded products for customers in a more direct and thoughtful way. The Company has expanded its sales network into South China, Central China, East China and other regions, and formed its marketing service network radiating from Shenzhen into the whole country.


Thanks to its delicacy management by objectives, strong design capability, outstanding construction equipment and techniques, well-developed quality assurance system and considerate after-sale service, Wenye Decoration has completed a great number of national high-quality benchmarking decoration designs, such as, The St. Regis Sanya Yalong Bay Resort, Boao state Guest House, Guangxi Financial Plaza Hotel, Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club Hotel, Howard Johnson Tech Center Plaza Hefei, Hilton Wuhan Optics Valley, Pavilion Hotel Shenzhen, office building of China Mobile Communications Corporation Jiangsu Company, Xuzhuang Head Office of Suning Corporation, office building of Shenzhen Changcheng Financial Center, Research & Development Building of Shenzhen Songri in Longgang, Beijing National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) Area A F6 Works, Tianjin Binhai New Areae Cultural Center, Gansu Huanghe Theatre Reconstruction Project, Traffic Hub Center Project (High-speed Railway Guangzhou South Railway Station, Chengdu East Railway Station, Taiyuan Railway Station, Zhengzhou East Railway Station, Changsha South Railway Station, Wuchang Railway Station, Hefei Railway Station, Shenzhen East Railway Station, Tianjin Jinqin Passenger Railway Station, and Wuhan Tianhe Airport, etc.), Wuhan Optics Valley World City Curtain Wall Project, Shenzhen Media Group Cultural Industry Center Aluminum Alloy Curtain Wall, Door and Window Project, Shenzhen Baohe Hospital and Aluminum Alloy Door and Window Project, Shenzhen Metro Line 1 Extension Design, Beijing Metro Line 1 and Line 4 Design, Nanjing Metro Line 1 Project Design, Shanghai Metro Line 6 and Line 9 Elevated Station Design, China Satellite Communications Building Interior Fine Decoration Design, Wuhan Terminal Building T3 Project, to name a few.


With the spirit of “standing out with harmony, sincerity and excellence”,Wenye Decoration intends to constantly lead the trend in the decoration industry through its unique and pioneering design ideas, delicate and excellent construction techniques, so as to create more green and environment-friendly high-quality projects perfectly combining science, art and humanity.

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